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Inspection Questions

How much will my inspection cost?

Inspection prices vary based on the size, and age of the property. Prices start at $300. Older properties and larger properties take longer to inspect and therefore cost more. If you want to know how much your property will cost to inspect use our online “Schedule Your Inspection Today” tool that calculates the price of your property based on size, location, and age.

What does a residential home inspection include?

A residential property inspection covers all of the items listed by the TREC Standards of Practice. This includes every major component found in residential properties. Additional systems may be covered but are optional depending on your inspection and requirements. All licensed inspectors in the state of Texas are required to follow the same minimum standard of care outlined in this standard of practice.

How long will my inspection take?

Inspection times vary based on the size and age of the property. Our number one priority is to find all visible deficiencies. Larger properties, older properties and properties that have many deficiencies will require more time to document. In most cases an inspection will take between 2 to 3 hours to complete.

How long will it take to get my report?

Reports generally take less than a day to complete and will be sent to you as soon as they are finished. Reports will not be released until payment is received.

Does your inspection report deficiencies related to wood destroying organisms?

The State of Texas requires a licensed wood destroying organism inspector to locate and identify these types of deficiencies. Our inspection service will only note visible structural deficiencies. Further evaluation by a licensed WDO professional is advised if you suspect your property may have this issue. If you would like to schedule a WDO inspection with your home inspection we will be happy to assist.

Will an inspection cover an external structure such as a dock, shed, or landscape retaining wall?

Structures which are not connected to the main dwelling are not covered with a standard inspection. However, external structures may be inspected for an additional fee.

Does your inspection service provide a warranty?

Inspections do NOT come with a warranty. Inspections are an assessment of the visible systems and components at the time of the inspection. Not all deficiencies are visible. Systems that are covered or otherwise obscured may be deficient. Home inspectors are not required to move personal belongings due to liability. Please make sure that all systems are accessible at the time of the inspection.